Carbossitherapy in Tricology

Carbossitherapy is a therapy used in Aesthetical Medicine for the treatment of various diseases, treatment is done in clinic through the giving of carbon dioxide in gaseous state (medical gas) under skin. The treatment can be done to treat alopecia, to Light agains hair fall and to stimulate its regrowth. Carbossitherapy, provoking vase dilation and reactivation of micro […]

Biostimulation in Tricology

Biostimulation is a therapy used in medicine to nurse various diseases , treatment is done in clinic through the giving of some substances and/or real medicines under skin basing on the speciGic disease. In case of head skin diseases the treatment can be used to treat alopecia, to Gight against hair fall and to stimulate […]

Wash Test instructions

We thought we’d make your life avoiding wasting time for delivery and for collection of results. We hope to have you done something to please. Do not hesitate to contact us for any information. At the link below you will find the Form to request the Wash Test. Wash Test  to request it Follow the […]

iCapelli and Italian Tricology Society ®

iCapelli is happy to cooperate with the Italian Tricology Society. (S.I.Tri) Through this link you can enter into S.I.Tri. Internet website. In that site we talk about tricology, hair and head skin’s diseases, dermatology and medicine. The following ones are the link for the books presented in the website: 01 La Calvizie Comune 02 Tricologia […]

Scars after surgery?

Every surgery leaves a scar, even the best surgeons leave a sign of their intervention, but nowadays there are many techniques which allow to have almost invisible scars. Also in the case of hair transplant it is possible to do an intervention with almost invisible scars, with an expert surgeon of course. From many years […]

Genetic Test

It has been recently developed as an important help to diagnose and identify as early as possible the cases of female and male androgenetic alopecia before the start of manifestations.

The specialist doctor is in this way able to make an early diagnosis before the problem is clinically clear.

In these cases we can immediately start the therapy in order to obtain right away therapeutic bene