Wash test e il Wash test modificato esami diagnostici non invasivi in tricologia

Wash test is a test of tricology diagnosis. Patient must wash his hair, after one week of abstention, collect fallen hair and bring them to a specialistic laboratory to have them analyzed.

WTM: Microscopic exam of fallen hair with wash (modi8ied Wash test) It is a recently developed tricologic exam. In this case patient must follow a very standardized procedure, he must wash his hair and then collect only hair fallen with wash, and ?inally deliver them in a simple envelope to the place where they will be analyzed.

The microscopic exam allows to:

  1.  Classify adults’ hair in 6 categories: anagen, distro?ic anagen, catagen, “mature” telogen, “premature” telogen, not classi?ied or broken; giving in this way a correct orientation to the hair fall causes;
  2.  Analyze the structural characteristics of hair like: trunk and bulb’s diameter, conservation condition of external cuticle, structural problems inborn or acquired; we could be able to get a precise analysis on falls caused by protein-based or/and mineral insuf8iciency (small bulbs, reduced diameter of trunks…), or evaluate if there are real physical-chemical damages caused by hairdryers, brushes, unsuitable shampoo, colorings, permanents….(tricoptilosi intermediate or distale, tricoressi nodosa, tricoressi invaginata…)
  3.  Last we can look for eventual external materials to the hair trunk (spore, ?lakes, lendini, …).

We have to remind that they are both not invasive diagnostic exams, in fact we simply analyze fallen hair with normal wash, but they are very important instruments of tricologic diagnosis. Considering the ease of the sampling from many years this exam is done in the best tricologic therapy’s centres, where patients arrive only to deliver the envelope with their hair to come back later for the answer.

Considering, too, the always higher request of exams and information, we have the need to offer a service by post to cover the distances or online for the patients.