Every surgery leaves a scar, even the best surgeons leave a sign of their intervention, but nowadays there are many techniques which allow to have almost invisible scars.

Also in the case of hair transplant it is possible to do an intervention with almost invisible scars, with an expert surgeon of course. From many years baldness surgery is working in this direction, and today we have obtained very good results. In the time of image, where even small details become important, it is not enough to have a good hair transplant, it is top important not to have visible scars of a past baldness.

For this reason we are working from much time with the best specialists to guarantee the best results to our patients. In every transplant we make a particular suture, called trico8itic, which allows hair to act as small hooks in order to block the scar to enlarge, and beside that hair succeed in growing throughout the same scar making it invisible.

The suture stitches are removed after 15-20 days, the scar which is initially slightly red tends to become invisible already after 3-4 months. Thanks to the precision used in this phase it is possible to obtain totally invisible scars also with very short hair, in order to let the patient be completely free on the choice of future hair cut.

This kind of technique is used by plastic surgeons to have lifting scars invisible, and from some years it is used also by the best baldness surgeons.