Carbossitherapy is a therapy used in Aesthetical Medicine for the treatment of various diseases, treatment is done in clinic through the giving of carbon dioxide in gaseous state (medical gas) under skin.

The treatment can be done to treat alopecia, to Light agains hair fall and to stimulate its regrowth.

Carbossitherapy, provoking vase dilation and reactivation of micro circulation, improves blood Llow and skin metabolism, increasing tissues oxygenation.

Carbossitherapy acts improving head skin’s circulation, letting red blood cells leaving oxygen and gathering carbon dioxide to eliminate it from the body.

This oxygenation process gives life to new blood vases (angiogenesi) of the treated area, feeding follicles.

Carbon dioxide has also a high vase expanding effect (opening small blood vases), which therefore determines a higher blood Llow and nutrition to the head skin, improving regrowing and stabilization of hair fall.

Carbossitherapy has no collateral effect, being no toxic and normally produced by organism, which then eliminates it through breathing.

The treatment is done in clinic, the average duration of one session is around 15 minutes, and return to normal activities is immediate.

Sessions envisage micro injections. Therapy is now painless owing to modern technology used in last generation machinery. We recommend combination of carbossitherapy with other treatments, in order to improve circulation around the area where injection has been done, enriching its effect.

Sessions’ frequency, different from case to case, is generally 10-15 sessions one per week.

Carbossitherapy is used from different medical specialities and to treat many diseases.


  • – head skin is deeply hydrated;
  • – dandruff reduction:
  • – hair fall slowdown;
  • – hair follicles are restructured and fortiLied;
  • – hair becomes more softer, stronger and glossy.

The clinical treatment with HAIRCARE is good both for women and men.

Kind of treatment: clinical

Intervention duration: 20/30 minutes

Anesthesia: no

Coming back to normality: immediate

Treatment’s areas: face, neck, décolleté, hands, abdomen, inside of arms, inside of thigh, gluteus.

Advised period: the whole year.